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Biography: Ronald H. Usem

Mr. Usem's Background & Experience:

Mr. Usem is a graduate of the University of Minnesota; a graduate of Cornell Law School; a private practice attorney; and a partner with Huffman, Usem, Crawford & Greenberg, PA, since 1995 (see law firm web site at Mr. Usem's practice emphasis is in transportation issues of all types, employment issues, and a wide variety of corporate transactions.


Mr. Usem is a member of the Transportation Lawyers Association; Transportation Intermediaries Association and a member of its Directors Circle; Conference of Freight Counsel; and Transportation Club of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Member of Board of Directors; business coach, TranStrategy Partners.

Mr. Usem has 32 years extensive transportation experience, including:

Mr. Usem has regularly conducted seminars and has acted as panelist at the national Transportation Intermediaries Association annual meetings, the Transportation Lawyers Association regional meetings in Chicago Illinois, Council of Supply Chain Professional Managers, and Transportation Club of Minneapolis/St. Paul, on a variety of transportation topics; is a regular contributing author of transportation law articles for "Logistics Journal" magazine of TIA as well as “The Transportation Lawyer”  magazine published by the Transportation Lawyers Association.  Some of his articles can be seen in the News section of this site.